The Evolution of the Bed through Space and Time

As the central feature in any bedroom, the bed has undergone some drastic evolutions in style over the years. It’s not just time that affects the appearance of this humble essential, though: location can also determine which style of bed will grace a room.

As the wonderful Downton Abbey reminded us, the high ceilings in the houses of the early 1900s made way for grand four-poster beds and ornate wooden creations, whose grandeur was reflected in the rest of the décor, from sumptuous fabrics to rich wooden furniture.

Japanese-style beds are low to meet the needs of the traditionally low ceilings in the country’s homes. A classic Japanese-themed bedroom will make the most of the storage space in a divan bed with lift up or pull-out compartments, while the rest of the décor will be uncluttered and peaceful.

Wooden bunk beds and cabin beds, such as those available from Wooden-Beds, have evolved from their humble beginnings in ships into a useful and aesthetically pleasing part of many children’s bedrooms.

Nowadays it is much rarer for us to be governed by the extreme architecture of our homes, and are able to take any bed design we wish and build our bedroom look around it. In this way, the relationship between home architecture and bed design has been completely turned on its head over the years. As a result if this, we are freer to choose any style of décor we wish, taking a cue from the past with curtain-draped four posters or evoking the modern with the sleek, minimalistic frames.

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