Home Insurance Horror Stories

Remember when Halloween was harmless fun? Trick or treat used to be a happy part of childhood, and the worst you’d get from a child whose request for treats was refused would be an idle threat.

Read the papers today though, and you’ll think anarchy has descended upon Britain’s once-quiet residential streets. Stories of feral teens slashing car tyres causing car insurance claims and taking front doors off their hinges abound. One of the most devious we’ve heard involved a group of children picking up a small car and rotating it in such a way that it became impossible for the car’s owner to move it.

Hopefully most of these are urban legends, but it’s certainly true that homeowners might want to make especially sure that their property is covered when gangs of children on a sugar high are roaming the streets.

So are you covered from any such damage? The answer is a fairly reassuring “probably”. Cover will vary according to the provider, but in most cases you’d likely be covered for any damage to your home as long as your home is occupied (i.e. there’s someone living there – don’t worry if you plan on popping out for the evening) and that the damage isn’t caused by people connected to you, such as family members or guests. In short: as long as you trust your own children, youshould be in the clear.

Your car, however, is a different matter. If your car is damaged, you will normally be able to make a car insurance claim. However, doing so could mean that you’ll lose your hard-earned no claims discount, which could cost you thousands. If you want to make sure that your car is protected, your best bet would be to move it out of harm’s way. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage then be sure to use it, and if you’re particularly wary of the area you’re in then it could be worth moving your car to somewhere safer for the evening.

Mind you, you could save yourself a lot of hassle by just giving the kids some sweets…

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