Inexpensive, High-Quality Rides in 2012

So you’re looking for the most inexpensive car on the market that will get you where you’re going safely. Fortunately, you’re in the right place, a list of the five cheapest, high-quality cars so you can spend your energy searching for free insurance quotes, or watching YouTube videos of dancing cats. With no further ado, here they are, five cars that won’t break the bank:

Nissan Versa 1.6S ($11,750)

Successor to the Nissan Almera, this sub-compact has just as much interior room as a mid-size Sedan and is giving the Toyota Yaris a run for its money. The 1.6S does not necessarily offer all the varieties of transmission (four speed automatic, variable transmission and six-speed manual) as other models of the Versa and you won’t get ABS or cruise control, but for that price are you surprised?

Smart ForTwo Pure ($13,240)

Second generation of a car with an automated manual transmission that feels every bit like a manual. Roll-down windows, no air conditioning and no stereo—no problem. It gets you where you’re going and since there’s only two seats you don’t have to feel guilty not slowing down for hitchhikers anymore. Also, a new universe of parking possibilities will be opened up to you.

Hyundai Accent GLS ($13,205)

Again, no air conditioning, no stereo, and no automatic windows, though these options are available for a higher price bundle. Also, for this price you’re getting a manual transmission, so make sure you know how to drive a stick shift before you drive off the lot. This third generation Accent gets excellent gas mileage and—count ‘em—six airbags.

Ford Fiesta S ($19,995)

Ford Motor Company’s front wheel drive subcompact has air conditioning, as well as an auxiliary input jack. Maybe owing to its European roots, this car is fun to drive, especially on tight curves, and also gets good gas mileage for its price. You have the option of getting a six-speed twin-clutch transmission for an extra grand. The Fiesta has sold somewhere on the order of 12 million units since the late 70’s.

Kia Rio LX ($14,150)

This sedan offers you a hatchback for a few hundred bucks more. With good, fuel-efficient gas mileage and outstanding features like power steering, air conditioning, and CD player.

They’re not Cadillacs. but the cars on this list are high-quality, newly upgraded vehicles that you can own for extremely low prices. Also, each entry on this list can be spruced up with new features for slightly higher prices.

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