Choosing a Bed: Dos & Don’ts

When purchasing your bed, not only will you want to ensure that it’s comfortable and long-lasting, but you’ll want to make sure it complements the décor and enhances the feel of your bedroom. Here is a bed overview to help you ensure that your next bed choice is the right bed choice.

1. Mattresses

There are four common types:

  • An open sprung mattress is ideal if there isn’t a big weight difference between you and your partner, as the springs are wired together to form a single unit. With springs contained in separate pockets, pocket sprung mattresses are better for those who share a bed with a restless sleeper or one of a significantly different weight to them.
  • Visco-elastic and Talalay latex mattresses are perfect for those who get too hot in bed or suffer from allergies. The material is made to moderate body temperature and doesn’t harbour pesky dust mites.
  • A zip mattress, which is a super-king-size mattress comprised of two singles zipped together, is great for couples who require different qualities from their own side of the bed.

2. Bed Frames

  • Divan: Plain in style, divan beds are functional and can be great space savers. With drawers or handy compartments built into the base, or even a pull out mattress, a king size divan will often fit into the space required for a double bedstead.
  • Bedstead: Metal, leather and wooden bedsteads with built-in headboards enhance the style and aesthetic of a bedroom no end. If space isn’t an issue and you’re after either a bold statement piece or a subtle frill to your bedroom aesthetic then choose a bedstead. Also supplied as flat packs, they’re easier to transport and get into your bedroom than a divan, which usually comes as is. Foam mattresses are recommended with slatted bed frames, because the life expectancy is shorter with sprung mattresses and bedsteads.

3. Size

Make sure your bed is as big as your room can comfortably accommodate – that way, you and your partner will have enough room to get a sound, undisturbed night’s sleep – especially if one or both of you are fidgety sleepers, tall or overweight. The size of a typical British double bed isn’t really big enough for two people to sleep in comfortably, with a standard 4’6″ bed allowing each adult the same equivalent of space a baby has in a cot. Go king-size if you can. With dimensions of 5’ x 6’6″, you’re guaranteed a much better night’s rest.

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