Top Five Tips on How to Sell Your Home

If you are keen to move house in a hurry, then you will want to know how you can sell your property more quickly. Here’s our top five tips on how to make sure your property stands out from the crowd and encourages those buyers to put in an offer.

1) Tidy up

While this may sound glaringly obvious, you would be amazed how many people allow buyers to visit their house while it is an untidy and cluttered state. If you think that viewers should be able to look beyond the mess, then think again because it is estimated that a clean and tidy home can add as much as £5,000 to the price people are willing to pay for your property.

2) Emphasise the storage
People who view your home will be looking to see how much storage it has, so make it look as though you have more space than you could ever need. Take half the clothes out of your wardrobes to trick buyers into thinking there is an infinite amount of space and empty out spaces such as under-stairs cupboards and pantries.

3) Fix up the house

If there is a leaking tap in the bathroom or a cracked tile in the kitchen, get it fixed. If buyers see small things wrong with the house, they will assume you have not taken care of it and will wonder what else is wrong too.

4) Redecorate

If your home has not been decorated for a while, give it a quick coat of paint to spruce it up. Choose neutral colours that will appeal to everyone, so buyers know they can move straight in without having to do much work.

5) Let the light in

Draw all curtains and blinds back to create the feeling of a light and airy home. If a tree or bush in your garden is blocking the light, trim it and add a few lamps indoors to make the home seem brighter and more beautiful.

If you have tried all these tips and your house still isn’t receiving any serious offers, then you can turn to a buy your home quick company such as If you need the money from your property sale in a hurry, then knowing you can sell your home quickly and easily will be a huge weight off your mind.

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