8GB Nexus 7 Has Gone, 32GB and 64GB models Coming?

Could we break to talking around architecture’s thing for a second? Because, something strange just has happened in tablet world. No, it’s not about Apple iPad Mini, it’s about Nexus 7 tablet. It has gone from Google Play store. I mean it went to “Coming Soon” state, not available anymore for purchasing.

Actually, the changing state from “Available” to “Coming Soon” can happen at any time. It’s not something to be mentioned if there was no special reason behind it. As Apple recently introduced iPad Mini and Google will hold Android event next week. Many sites have speculated there is a special reason in the “Coming Soon” . Some believe the 8GB model of Nexus 7 will be gone for sure and 32GB model will be announced next week, so we will never receive a notification email about this 8G model.

It could be true that 8GB model will be gone for sure, but I have other thing in my mind. I guess the it will still remain at Google Play store, and we will receive a notification email soon. I do believe the “Coming Soon” state is only one of Google’s tricks to cool the hot tension of iPad Mini as well as rising the popularity of Nexus 7 before the announcement of the availability of the 32GB and 64GB models.

Maybe we are too deep in reading a common thing of “Coming soon” state, or it really has something behind that, only time will correctly answer it. So, we just need to wait and see . Are you ready to say goodbye to 8GB Nexus 7?

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